Central Park Winter, 4th Post

Sometime it does not go as planned

Sometimes the environmental effects that have been introduced to fine art prints can have some very complicated unforeseen issues as it goes through the restoration process. In this case, old toning from hinge points that were on the back of the print, now are on the front. As well as the hard stain in the center of the print, now is even more apparent, and showing the loss of the blue water color.

These issues are not uncommon, however, in the case of this specific print, if not reversed, may not be a candidate for casting. These are the complications that can arise in paper conservation, even with the best laid plans.

A very acidic stain in the center of Image

Acid toning from old hing (tape) that was on the print in the past

More loss of color and some inking due to past environmental issues

Now what can be done

Never Give up. Continue on with the conservation plan and address the issues as they arise. In this

case, I was going to continue on with the deacification process and continue another round of gassing. More targeted methods of stain reduction may be needed in order to reverse the effects of the toning from the acidic stain.

In this specific case, the paper in those areas are so acidic, that even after two rounds of emersion, those specific spots acidness are much greater than the rest of the folio. SO, lets immerse again, and gas the image from the back. At this point, it is not necessary to target the specific stains, as this is not a preservation, I am not trying to save the coloring because the folio did not merit it based on its condition (no margins). There is still acidness and overall toning and staining thought the image, we just do not notice it, because our eyes are drawn directly to the apparent stain in the sky.

All is not lost!

Take a look at the back, look at the evenness overall of the toning. Its looking nice. You can get a better idea of the toning and acidness of the effected areas. Another round may yield better results in the direction we are wanting to go with this piece, a full restoration of margins and title. Lets not give up, lets keep moving forward.

Bath time again!

After this round I will update after the gassing, This process can take up to 24 hours per round, especially with these large folios. Typically this one has been naturally drying in 12. So I may be able to update later this evening.


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