Central Park Winter, 3rd Post

After 10 year on my wall, its time to restore!

Thats some "Bad" gas!

After another round of emersion to reduce the acidness of the paper earlier today, it is time to start gassing. Known as "Bleaching". If you now me, I rarely if ever call it this. Because of the association with household bleach. Even though, the terminology is correct to call it bleaching, no matter the process be-it light, hydrogen peroxide, several forms of chlorine, etc.... I will not.

Can you believe you actually drink this stuff, everyday!

Chlorine dioxide gas in air or in solution, is harmless to paper. It will leave absolutely no residue while breaking down naturally into safe forms of gasses. Amazing product, especially considering how dangerous this gas is and poisons in high levels. Very dangerous. Now with that said, it is used in the water industry, municipalities, and such to "chlorinate" the water to kill all pathogens, molds, etc and leave a trace amount until it drips out of your faucet and into your glass. It is safe at those minor PPMs, but still strong enough to kill and prevent the germs from forming in your drinking water. Even more so, ever wonder how they "bleach" flour and sugar. Yes, chlorine dioxide gas!

I'll Gas Nathan....

....and his little dog too!

Well its time. After some time in the chamber, I will remove it, and will see the effects of the gassing tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the bad images. Just hard to take pictures through the safety chamber.

Goodnight, will update tomorrow early afternoon!

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