Central Park Winter, 2nd Post

After 10 year on my wall, its time to restore!

All wet and ready for its first drying cycle.

While waiting for the print to dry to go back through another emersion for deacification, its time to move on and get some paper for the future paper mends and casting

Some Currier's never had a chance!

The importance of matching paper is crucial. Not just for color matching or texture. Future toning of the paper will tone more uniformly and match. Texture and feel of the casting and repairs will have that softer cotton rag feel, vs modern paper.

In this case, the donar Currier is a large folio horse print, (some Curriers never have a chance). I will be removing the inking off the paper after deacification the paper in the same manner I did for Central Park Winter.

After drying, it is time to immerse again and let the acidness leach out once again.

After a while again I will remove it to let dry.

More tomorrow.


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