Central Park Winter

After 10 year on my wall, its time to restore!

Well after talking with a collector late into the evening last night, I started talking on how advanced I have become over the years at my capabilities. And it dawned on me, that I purchased this wonder piece over a decade ago in hopes that one day I would be able to restore it. So, after 10 years that Central Park Winter has hung on my wall, it is time. I have finally mastered the skills and artistry, to do my very best. This is going to be AMAZING!Now lets open her up and check under the hood!


Cut right to the edge of the image with 1/32 inch on the bottom, 1/8 inch on the sides, and a 1/4 inch on the top. But the image is 100%! It does have some other minor condition issues as most Antique fine art prints. There is a hard stain in the center, and am sure there are a few more. No rips, small pin hole at the top left corner, but the paper is pliable and sturdy. a perfect subject for a master conservation effort!


Now, lets prep the subject and start. Attached at the top the runs from one corner to the other is a horizontal paper hinge that attached to the back board and creased at the top and folded back down, thus attached to the back of the folio. The adhesive is a water soluble glue that will slowly break down in the water and allow relaxingly dislodge from the print.

Bath time!

As the water loosens the adhesive, the water is mixed with m. hydroxide to reverse the acidness of the folio at the same time. But this will be the first emersion of several. this will prompt the acid to leach out as you will see below.

As the piece goes through this process today, I will update this blog later this afternoon to keep you involved and updated with an active conservation effort as it proceeds.


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